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Koebi Faumui

Hello, I’m a professional music producer, based in Canberra Australia. I was born into a family of musicians, so ever since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by music. I began composing and recording when I was 7 and have been experimenting with new instruments and sounds ever since.


Over the past decade, I’ve taken my music from an organized hobby to a professional career. I’ve also performed with my two older siblings Kashia and Salale and have recorded and produced fifteen albums with them. Go to the following link to hear our music: 


I love all kinds of music and have a passion for making lots of it, from old school to future-sounding electronic, and everything in between. I’m also a multi-instrumentalist and I produced, arranged and played all of the instruments on the tracks on the playlists.


Whether you want to record a single, an EP, a demo or an album, I’ll leverage my experience as a performer and producer to work with you to help you develop your music vision from an idea to a fully produced, professionally mixed track.

my recent works

I Feel Like Shit

On the 20th of May 2020 I released my debut single, "I Feel Like Shit". Even though it's important to stay & positive through this shutdown time I wanted to acknowledge through music that the experience was difficult and challenging for many people, including myself. You can download the song through all the usual music platforms.


In early 2019 I was fortunate enough to be working with eight rappers from the Street University who've collaborated in writing a song about some of their mental health challenges, they’ve been fearless and brave in sharing their experiences around depression, anxiety and substance abuse. "Okay" is a culmination of this collaboration.


Okay was launched along with a music video on the 8th of October which also coincides with the beginning of Mental Health Week. Much respect to them for sharing thier vulnerabilities and personal thoughts about a subject that affects us all.

It was a privilege for myself to write the chorus and produce the music and beat for the track, and a big shout to Owen Walter from Oculo Digital who filmed and produced the video. You can view and listen to the track below, please this onto your networks.

Originals produced by Koebi

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