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Flava 'n' Roots is going to be a music experience that you'll not forget in a hurry!! Flava 'n' Roots is a live music event for all reggae and RnB lovers. Showcasing some of Canberra finest talent as well bringing one of Sydney's most popular bands in PU-SIKI to the capital, Flava 'n' Roots will be the summer experience of 2023 you do not want to miss! Tickets are starting move quick so get yours NOW at the following link:

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Sean’s been singing for as long as he can remember. Whether it was at church doing special items, at home singing along to Mum's favourite records or on road trips with friends and family, music has  been a mainstay in my life. With influences ranging from Elvis Presley to Boyz II Men to Chris Stapleton, he has an impressive repertoire of songs that he draws upon to entertain and keep an audience engaged.


In 2010, he co-founded the popular Canberra-based band, the H-Cee Family. It was while fronting the band that Sean finally felt comfortable with his own voice, his own vibe and the atmosphere his music created. He’s spent the last five years also performing as a solo act and is currently in the early stages of writing and recording his original music. Sean’s first solo release will be in June 2023.



It might not come as a surprise that reggae is HUGE in the Pacific islands. Drawing influence from Jamaican Reggae, many Polynesian bands incorporate elements of reggae into pop music or their own brand of Pacific reggae which incorporates ukulele, traditional wooden drums, and synthesisers. 

PU-SIKI takes a more old school approach paying homage to transcendent Rasta icon Bob Marley. With vocal harmonies and flawless fretwork that would give The Beach Boys a run for their money, the group draw heavily from traditional Samoan musical style and give off a chilled and almost country vibe.

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Eshan Dean

Eshan Dean is one of the pioneers of a current genre of Pacific Island Reggae Music here in Australia. Currently based in Canberra Eshan has performed and collaborated with many of the top Reggae artists in New Zealand and Australia. As well as being a gifted producer and songwriter Eshan is a staple of the Canberra Music Live Scene, he’s carved out for himself a unique sound that incorporates a fusion of reggae/RNB/hip-hop which is well received by those who hear him.

Koebi Faumui

Koebi Faumui

Koebi is a singer/songwriter/music producer based in Canberra. Being  born into a family of musicians allowed him to experiment with various instruments & sounds, he began writing, producing & recording at the age of 8. Over the past 12 years, he’s performed with his two older siblings Kashia & Salale as “The Faumuis” recording 10 original and 5 cover albums.


In early 2020 Koebi released his first solo single, “I feel like shit” followed by “What you’d say” “A song about nothing” “Good people” “I know better” and in Dec 2023 released an EP “Something New”

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