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Salale, Kashia and Koebi Faumui are more known for their musical abilities but they have also always been interested in design and fashion. From drawing on anything from serviettes to longboards and experimenting with different textile elements, their passion for designing and being creative artistically has always been another form of expression. After being approached by friends to draw on their skateboards and longboards, they decided to share more of their designs and artistic expressions in forming Booyah Designs.


What is Booyah Designs?

Booyah Designs is a company that is dedicated to providing creative, individual and high quality boards and street wear. We love to create designs using our influences from Polynesian and Samoan culture and have a passion for design and fashion statements that are interesting, bold and intricate. At the moment we are specialising in long/skate board deck designing and tie dyed garments in street wear. Each board and dyed garment are individual, one of a kind as you’d say, pieces and we hope to offer our customers a unique experience in enjoying their own individual garment or board.

Booyah Designs is also one of the branches of its parent company, The Booyah Group. The Booyah Group aims to improve the quality of life of the communities they serve and specialises in the areas of consulting, collaborative coaching, training, design and music development. Sharing the values of integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility, The Booyah Group hopes to live up to the meaning of its name through each of the areas its branches reach out to, striving to encompass it within a business context: 


Booyah [defined as] The term to describe the feeling you get after you’ve done something good.”

booyah Boards

We design longboard and skateboard decks that are handcrafted, individual, intricate and can be specific to you if you would like. From the skate park to the mountain, to the sidewalk or even the surf, we can create a board design specific to your personality and design tastes. We also hand make boards (long/skate boards) and ensure its quality and durability with the added experience of being boarders ourselves. If you like your current board but want a new design or style, we’re happy to work with you in creating a board design that encompasses things that you love or are passionate about having on your board. Whatever you want to do, Booyah Designs can tailor a design for you. These have been some of our works so far:

Tie Dye

We design tie dyed garments, each of them never a replica of the one before it and offering a fun, creative, interesting and beautiful addition to your wardrobe. At the moment our Limited Edition collection is available where you can order a design from the tie dyes that we offer, or you can work with us to create your own. If you have preferences in colour and style different to designs that we already offer, we will tailor a designed tie dye to what you would like to wear. Here are our tie dye designs so far:

Street Wear

In our selection of streetwear apparel, we have our designs available on a range of casual, smart and comfortable pieces including t shirts, singlets, long sleeves and hoodies. Suitable for any weather, wear and tear and most of all repping and supporting Booyah.

The Booyah Designs Team

A few words about your Booyah Designers . . .


The boarder with a pen always in his hand. Avid doodler on serviettes, his own limbs and anywhere that can provide a sufficient enough drawing surface. Passionate about intricate, bold and unique designs, influenced by traditional cultural patterns and textures. Loves to longboard himself and founded an area of Booyah Designs by deeming his longboard deck a sufficient enough space for his doodling. Loves creating designs that people will enjoy and loves designing within the realm of expressing others’ personalities and passions as well. Hopes to use his artistic talent and passion to provide high quality and individual service to others.


The tie dye guru. Loves experimenting with dyes and patterns to create unique, beautiful and interesting tie dyes. Is also a lover of fashion and intrigued by the ways we express ourselves through our ‘costumes’ and what we decide to clothe ourselves in. Is also inspired by nature and all the colours, textures and expressions that come natural to the environment we all find ourselves in. Hopes to provide people with creative, individual, intelligent, interesting and fun garments that they can be happy to clothe themselves in!

Kashia also specialises in designing handmade jewellery and other clothes.  Her company is called Everythingatai, to see more of her work go to:

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